yacon syrup recommended by dr oz

  • Yacon Syrup recommended by dr oz
  •  Boost metabolism
  • lose up to 7 ibs a week without changing your lifestyle
  • burn calorie
  • Suppress hunger
  • 100 % pure yacon syrup
  • 60 Day money back guarantee 

The Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup

31606 yacon syrup recommended by dr oz Deep within the heart of South America lies a secret tool that is key to achieving weight loss in a healthy way. The Yacon root has remained a staple in the diet of the Andean people for centuries. You don’t need to use skeptical forms of supplementation like pills and powder to see results. This root provides you with multiple health benefits by simply incorporating Yacon syrup into your diet. It does far more than help you reach your weight loss goals as well. The syrup also promotes healthy digestion and naturally helps maintain ideal blood sugar levels. Its for this reason that the health experts at The Dr. Oz show decided to run a trail with their viewers to promote its effectiveness.

 The Testing Phase:

In order to test this supplement, Dr Oz’s team chose 60 female viewers that would be incorporating the yacon syrup into their diet for 4 whole weeks. They were told to have a teaspoon of it prior to their three major meals of the day. Aside from this, they didn’t have to modify their normal nutritional and fitness routine in any way. The forty females that succeeded in the program found the following results:

–                    Almost 75% actually dropped their weight

–                    Of the 29 that lost weight, 14 shed more than five lbs

–                    On average, the women lost about 3 pounds

–                    The average shrink in waist line was about 2 inches

–                    The subjects lost a collective 153 lbs overall

–                    27 of the women highly recommended the supplement for weight loss

The team wasn’t done yet. They also interviewed several experts in the medical field to find out what they thought about yacon syrup and how the program turned out.

There has been multiple previous studies conducted to analyze the health benefits this syrup has to offer. In 2009 Clinical Nutrition ended up examining 55 females from Argentina that were overweight and regularly consumed several teaspoons daily. They were also told that they should try to cut down a bit on their overall calories each day and engage themselves in physical activity for at least 45 minutes two times a week. After several months, they compared the results found from the women that didn’t take the syrup and those who did. What they found was that the women who didn’t take the syrup didn’t see much results. Those who did however, shed around 30 pounds on average and even found that their insulin levels had improved from lower levels of unhealthy cholesterol.

What It Does:

One of the key ingredients in yacon syrup is the prebiotics like frictooligosaccharides and inulin.  Frictooligosaccharides are essentially natural plant based sugar that keep enzymes from easily breaking down and can travel through the digestion phase unchanged, meaning the caloric level is considerably low. They are also a healthy fiber that promotes ideal digestion levels and keeps constipation at bay.

The  frictooligosaccharides provide your colon with healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifdus. These bacterias are connected with anti inflammatory properties and critical immune support. The more you have in you, the more likely you are to lose weight. They also change the  frictooligosaccharides into acid that stops the synthesizing of cholesterol and makes your tissues more sensitive to insulin. Using frictooligosaccharides can also give you the ability to control your appetite by modifying the speed of your gastric system. On top of it’s ability to curb your hunger, you can also use yacon to aid with metabolism issues or problems with diabetes and cholesterol.

We still aren’t done naming off benefits either. It has also been suggested that the syrup can hold back osteoporosis by building up bone strength. It does this by promoting higher calcium levels through an increase in essential minerals. The neutraceuticals in the syrup can also provide you with a harder working immune system which in turn, promotes overall health and keeps health problems at bay.

Using The Syrup:

It’s not very difficult to incorporate this syrup into your diet since it has such a great natural taste and a viscosity much like thick pancake syrup. Many people enjoy using the syrup as an alternative for sugar, which also helps cut down calories.

First off, you have to find the syrup. Most stores that have healthy food choices will carry yacon syrup but if not you can easily find it somewhere on the internet. Someone that is trying to lose weight should ingest a whole teaspoon of yacon syrup prior to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is essential that the syrup is 100% pure yacon as well.

31606 yacon syrup recommended by dr oz

Since yacon can speed up digestion, it is important that you don’t over do the dosage at first. Try starting off slow a max of 1 tablespoon. There are plenty of recipes that are made specifically for the syrup, but you should also stay mindful of the fact that baking the syrup may take away some of the positive effects. There is no problem however, if you want to add it into a cup of hot liquid to sweeten it.
Candidates and People Who Should Steer Clear

You will most likely benefit from the syrup if:

–                    You suffer from constipation issues

–                    You have high blood sugar levels

–                    You don’t get much dietary fiber

–                    You struggle with unwanted weight


You should probably stay away from it if:


–                    You have problems with diarrhea

–                    You have problems with gas and feel bloated

–                    You may be having a baby

–                    You have any related allergies


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  1. I'm using yacon syrup long time ago ,i did not know can help in weight loss i just know about other health benefite .My weight is preffectly now .im using the syrup almost for 4 month .i did not undrtand why im losing weight . body looks really good now ,So yacon syurp was the resan why i was losing weight intresting thanks Dr oz

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